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Notice boards

If you regularly need to convey and update information to your staff or visitors, a noticeboard may be the perfect solution for you. When located in a place with lots of foot traffic, our noticeboards can help you grab attention and get across the information you need to. We offer a range of sizes and configurations.

Wall mounted and free standing options are available and can be configured with click frames if you have important information or certifications to showcase.

To keep your company image uniform, we can also design the boards to your brand guidelines, matching colours and fonts.

Custom dry wipe boards


Custom dry wipe boards

Seven Graphics also supply custom printed dry wipe boards. Our experienced design team can create a bespoke dry wipe board design which will convey your requirements. Our dry wipe boards come in a variety of sizes, our common sizes include:

• 1200 x 900 mm
• 1800 x 1200 mm
• 2400 x 1200 mm

Dry wipe boards are an ideal way to streamline your production by keeping track of your current workload or just writing reminders and to do lists.


Custom shadow boards

A custom shadow board is a great way to keep your workspace and workforce more organised. Acting as a central location for tool storage, they can allow your business to run more efficiently and quickly identify when tools are missing.
Our boards can be designed to fit the tools you require and the information you wish to convey.

We can supply the following types of boards:

• 5S Boards
• Planning Boards
• Cleaning & First Aid Stations
• Tool Shadow Boards
• Dispensers